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We offer overall responsibility within provision of consultants and specialists within a large range of areas


Contact person Camilla Hjelm
+46 (0)70 985 22 75

iWise is a consultancy firm which supplies cutting-edge skills for high-tech development projects. The consultants at iWise have an academic education and on average more than 10 years' relevant experience of systems development and project management


Contact person Håkan Jacobsson
Tel +46 (0)70 423 99 23

YABS - Young Aces By Sylog

Our vision is to assemble Sweden's most talented new engineers under the same roof. We are building for the future and developing the future consultants and leaders within technology and IT

Contact person Anders Florén
Tel +46 (0)70 738 75 85

South Pole Consulting is Sweden's leading consultancy within development of embedded systems based on Linux

Contact person Crister Nilsson
Tel +46 (0)70 785 82 37