South Pole Consulting offers Sweden's leading consultants within development of embedded systems based on Linux.

For many companies, Linux is the obvious choice in embedded systems. We have long experience and are familiar with the specific requirements placed on this type of development. We have Sweden's leading consultants within development of device drivers, development of software, optimization, troubleshooting and technical project management. We work hard at, and have a genuine interest in, continuing to lead developments within these areas.

We have the capacity to tackle entire systems and run projects in-house, or alternatively to develop new functions and modify existing systems and act as resource consultants or expert advisers. We quote current or fixed prices depending on project and requirement.

We can use a large number of tools and always stay up-to-date with what is new in the market. Examples of tools and program libraries we use are GNU's compiler/development environment, CVS, Subversion, Montavista, Busybox and uClibc. We have experience of working with Linux on a large range of hardware platforms including, x86, ARM, PowerPC, MIPS and SH.

For more information about South Pole, contact Crister Nilsson

Phone  +46(0)70 785 82 37