Work on the details and understand the big picture, or work on the big picture and understand the details. Sylog's customers demand knowledge that matches all phases in the development of future products and services. The complexity of these products and services requires expertise of more than just your own work. Success requires constant endeavor and passion to improve, not just in terms of technology and tools, but also in terms of processes and social contexts.

Sylog has the knowledge to help customers in a broad spectrum of industries including telecoms, vehicles, medicine and the gaming and entertainment sector. At Sylog you meet inquisitive and involved people who always keep the customer in focus in their endeavours to improve, and who are not afraid to challenge themselves. At Sylog you have a high level of personal responsibility and freedom to obtain the skills development you need in order to challenge yourself.

Sylog's offices are located in Stockholm, Göteborg and Linköping.

Our goal is to be the market's best employer for consultants within project management, development and quality assurance.
The right people in the right place

We are looking for people who want to work as consultants at Sweden's most exciting companies and organizations within management, development or quality assurance.
  • Solid technical background, MSc in Engineering or equivalent
  • High level of social skills
  • Specialization within administration/management, systems and software development, testing and quality assurance,
You are the most important factor
With us, it is solely your expertise and your personality that matters. We also know that a good mix of people produces a good atmosphere.
Our commissions
Our customers are often leaders, or have a clear ambition to be, leaders within their fields. We help our customers to achieve their goals through supplying specialist skills, energy and momentum.

Would you like to be involved in helping our customers to produce world-leading services and products? Read more about what we are looking for right now, or contact one of our consultant managers directly.
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We love technology and place a great deal of energy in staying up-to-date with technologies and working methods. We are driven by a desire to work with development, together with exciting customers in a large range of industries.

We are a knowledge-based company, our overall experience and expertise contributes to our customers' success.

With us, you have maximum freedom to have an influence over and control your situation. From assignments and working hours to skills development. Your consultant manager, sales team and colleagues are available as support in your everyday work, but as a consultant you have the freedom to arrange your employment as it suits you.

Subconsultants and collaborative partners

It is important for us to always be able to help our customers. To ensure that we can supply the right expertise at the right time, we have built up a large network of qualified collaborative partners and subconsultants.
Today our subconsultants are organized in the Profinder company.

Would you like to collaborate with us?  


– Young Aces By Sylog

YABS business concept is to assemble Sweden's best young engineers within technology and IT and together develop the consultants of the future

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